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We are now working on Learn for your Life in the Twenty-First Century – a new publication that will take a fresh look at the ideas explored in our influential book Learn for Your Life: A blueprint for continuous learning published by Financial Times/Prentice Hall in 2000.

Each one of us is precious: A Quaker’s Thoughts for the Day, by Eddy Knasel (2014)

This presents 60 of Eddy’s scripts for Thought for the Day on BBC Radio Bristol. The scripts are each about 300 words long, it’s a one minute 40 second slot. Each of them is topped or tailed with a ‘background’ or a ‘postscript’ which  puts the topicin context. The scripts were broadcast between 2008 and 2014 and cover topics such as:

CAAT book

  • Why I wear both red and white poppies on Remembrance Day
  • The Arab Spring
  • Quakers’ policy on goods produced by Israeli settlers on the Palestinian West Bank
  • The Occupy Movement
  • Quakers and politics
  • The murder of Drummer Lee Rigby
  • Pay-day loans
  • Ian Brady and the death penalty
  • The centenary of World War One
  • Chemical weapons in Syria
  • International Conscientious Objectors Day

It’s available for Kindle from Amazon (£5.99 inc VAT), as an iBook (4.99) from Apple’s iBook store as a paperback (£5.00) from the CAAT shop on their website and from the Quaker Bookshop, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ (£6.15).


All profits go to Campaign Against Arms Trade.

To order the paperback send £5.45 to Eddy Knasel, 7 Tyne Road, Bristol, BS7 8EE.


Hold on: Selected Lyrics 2004_2014, by John Meed (2014)

In this selecion of lyrics – written between 2004 and 2014 – John Meed explores the themes that have informed his songwriting – love and loss, be- longing and exile, growing up and growing older, the unexpected inevitability of change.


The lyrics are taken from his first five albums: The children of the sea (2005), Powder of the stars (2007), When the music ends (2009), Pavilion Parade (2011) and The dust of time (2013).

Hold on is available in three formats, all costing £5. You can order printed copies online, download a fully illustrated ebook edition on the Apple ibooks store, or an unillustrated Kindle edition from Amazon.

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